Collaboration across the full data and ML lifecycle.
Data Science Workspace

What We Do

Get full cycle web and mobile application maintenance services for your web and mobile apps. From simple support to system monitoring and auditing, we cover everything.

Democratize access to all your data

Centralized access to all of your data makes it simpler for data scientists to discover new insights in a secure and governed manner.

Increase data science teams productivitys

Increase productivity by providing choice of best-in-class open source tools in a collaborative, reproducible, and managed environment.

Standardize the full Machine Learning

Simplified devops/MLOps shortens time from experimentation to robust production deployments of data science and ML assets


For Data Scientists

Quickly explore data with point-and-click visualizations or in the languages of your choice, collaborate, and share insights with stakeholders via live interactive dashboards.

For ML Engineers

Collaboratively build and manage models from experimentation to production, deploy for batch or real-time inference at scale, and monitor production workloads.

For Business Analysts

Discover insights on large data sets using SQL queries, built-in visualizations or dashboards, and connect to popular BI tools like PowerBI and Tableau.

For Data Engineers

Build robust data pipelines, automate and monitor production jobs using Scala, Java and built-in notebooks and APIs.

Building Real-world AI Solutions at Big Data Scale

Vonnue implements end-to-end Big Data solutions with Data Sciences technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning seamlessly baked into it. We helps firms effectively do DL technologies.

Vonnue’s Data Analytics services help businesses increase revenues, improve operational efficiencies, respond quickly to emerging market trends and gain a competitive edge.

Vonnue’s Data Engineering Services transform organizational knowledge into insights for more informed and timely business decisions with the best possible total cost of ownership.